Breakfast - Sonora Tortillas

Beginner Breakfast Tostadas Breakfast just got a whole lot better... Tostadas just for lunch and dinner? No way! Try these. Guacamole, hard Read More
Beginner Mexican Avocado Toast Hungry? Go make some Mexican avocado toast. Bread, tomatoes, jalapeño, cilantro, avocados, lime, cilantro and you're there. 10 minutes Read More
Beginner Huevos Ahogados Time for something different? Huevos Ahogados are an absolute must try! Translated to English, you get 'drowned eggs.' This Read More
Intermediate Sopapillas Dessert for breakfast? Why not! Sopapollas, a treat that's popular in Northern Mexico. They can be served with jam or Read More
Beginner Breakfast Taquito Breakfast burrito? No. Breakfast Taquito! Quick and easy to make and without falter in the flavour department. All your Read More

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