Snacks - Sonora Tortillas

Beginner Mexican Avocado Toast Hungry? Go make some Mexican avocado toast. Bread, tomatoes, jalapeño, cilantro, avocados, lime, cilantro and you're there. 10 minutes Read More
Beginner Elotes Dip Corn season, for sure! Stop what you're doing, and make this elotes dip. It's made with the same ingredients Read More
Advanced Papas Rellenas Papas Rellenas.... Yummy!. Just can't say no to crispy potato balls stuffed with ground beef. Serve alongside your favourite Read More
Intermediate Sopes Sopes are an incredibly popular Mexican snack for a reason. They're corn flour based and formed by hand into Read More
Beginner BUÑUELOS DE VIENTO Not to be confused with traditional Mexican buñuelos made with a rodillo (or tortilla roller), these light and crispy Read More
Beginner Sombrero Cookies What’s more festive than fun cookies! Put your decorating skills to the test with these quick and easy sombrero cookies. Read More
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